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 Where things go wrong

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A Video feed:
“A camera drone hovers above an arena. Benches are circled around a center platform made of a single metal round platform with various inscriptions. There are two walk ways between the benches. The benches are filled with people from various tribes and are cheering, smiling and talking to each other about several subjects. But clearly one subject remains talked about the most.

The camera slowly glides into position infront of Sam's face, who is standing just beside one of the benches. Her tattoo gets highlighted and it's quite certain what subject is talked about the most. Most people look at Sam, talking about the honor of having one with a facial mark attending the voluval. And considering a blessing that they might see a facial mark appear on one of the juveniles this evening.

Then, the camera drone hovers into position to capture the shaman's speech. Who states the traditional voluval speech but makes a little note of being honored to see such a prominent figure as Sam at this important ritual. Also that her daughter, Erisa, will be last, to keep the best for last. Then he starts off.

The camera drone circles around at every participant on the circle. And speech and mark after speech and mark of general marks. The crowd cheers at every accepted mark. It ends with Erisa's turn. For Erisa, the shaman builds up more excitement by doing the ritual slower and letting the pauses inbetween more longer.

But, at the turn of the speech, Erisa remained silent. Seeming to have not chosen the words or closed herself off from the world. She then gets injected with the chemicals. Then, silence hits the arena. The camera drone finds the chance to watch all the benches, Sam's face for ten seconds and another circle around the shaman and Erisa. Then, Erisa rises, letting the cloak over her fall on the ground, letting everyone search for the mark she received.

It remains silent, as more and more people discover the mark. The camera, seemingly still searching, shows the crowd on the benches behind seeming to be in disbelieve. Some people even cover their open mouth with their hands. Then, as one of the last, the camera discovers the mark and zooms in on it. Showing a mark which explains the silence. The pale eye is clearly visible and a close up on the shaman shows confusion. Then, the camera quickly hovers to show the face of Samantha. Who is still standing on her normal spot, frozen by disbelieve and shock. The silence breaks by the crying of Erisa. She then runs towards her mother, only to be intercepted by the shaman's assistant.

This causes chaos and the crowd rushes down the benches to block the way between Sam and Erisa. Erisa's crying then gets overvoiced by her yells, screams and cries of help to her mother. But Sam remains there standing. Letting the crowd to do what's instructed centuries ago by the elders who created this ritual. The camera drone swiftly moves around, trying to get every action on tape and every expression captured. Erisa then gets dragged off by the crowd, making the distance between Sam and Erisa more bigger. The camera remains capturing the whole event, but doesn't leave the arena. It ends with a minute where the arena is totally empty, only cries and screams in the distance that break the silence. Only Sam standing there, beside the empty benches. Where she stood for the whole ritual. The whole event.”
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Where things go wrong
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