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Satria Akano

Satria Akano

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Character Information:
Name: Satria Ialantha Akano
Height: 1,52m
Weight: 41kg
DOB: YC 87.09.30
POB: Clacille VII/Obray/Verge Vendor
Parents: Yao Akano: Jin-Mei, Aquafarmer
Freya Akano: Freed Minmatar slave/Tribal affiliation unknown
Siblings: None

Character History:

(Note that this information is OOC only)

Born on a remote drilling rig somewhere in the rough seas of oceanic Clacille VII, Satria grew up in an endless maze of corridors, service ducts and ventilation shafts. In the absence of other children, maintenance drones were her only playmates and she quickly developed an affinity for everything mechanical.
Already an accomplished aquaspeeder pilot by the age of twelve, she always longingly looked up to the massive freighters that came to bring the harvested resources off world. By the age of fifteen she fled her strict parents and travelled as a stowaway on various ships before signing up as a machinist on the Marengo, a freelance exploration vessel searching for valuable ore in the Curse region.
The Marengo dissapeared soon afterwards, its last lifesign being a fragmented distress call from somewhere deep within pirate controlled space. After a year it was listed as lost with all hands.
Already presumed dead, Satria reappeared severely injured among a dozen survivors picked up in YC 106 by a Sisters of Eve vessel from the ruins of a raided mining station. Claiming to suffer from amnesia and a stranger to the other miners, the authorities soon gave up trying to determine her whereabouts during the previous years.
Although by now being a crash addict and prone to violent mood swings, she was sent to the Center for Advanced Studies when her genetic compatibility for capsuleering was discovered.
Coming close to being expelled from the CAS on several occasions because of different drug related infractions, she graduated as 47th out of a class of 50 in YC 113.
Repeated trouble with the law saw her hastily departing Gallente space for the Minmatar Republic later that year.
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Satria Akano
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