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 I'm making a language

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Kikia Truzhari
Kikia Truzhari

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PostSubject: I'm making a language   I'm making a language Icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2012 2:06 pm

So, I thought it would be shiny to have an IC language that isn't spanish, so I've been picking and poking at coming up with a language.

Minmatar: Northern Regional Sebiestor

IC Stuff:
North Region Sebiestor is a matari Heritage Language. One of the only languages to survive mostly intact from before the day of darkness, it is still spoken in many communities across Mikramurka, and is one of the five dialects used to construct Modern Standard Matari.

Pronunciation guide:

a = long a sound as in ate
aa = long and then short sound modulated, (no english equivalent)
ae = short a sound as in bat
i = short i sound as in sick
ii = long i sound as in sky
e - short e sound, as in egg
ee = long e sound, as in screen
u = short u sound as in under
uu = long ooo sound, as in look
(vowel)i = long i sound
uo = oohoh sound
y = eyh sound

beginnings of grammer:

like spanish, it has a root for verbs, with various endings

present tense:
to do: -ini
I do: -in
you do: -un
you all do: -uon
we do: -ien
they(singular) do: -en
they(plural) do: -een

Past tense:
to have done: -ili
I have done: -il
you have done: -ul
you all have done: -uol
we have done: -iel
they(singular) have done: -el
they(plural) have done: -eel

future tense:
to be going to do: -iri
I am going to do: -ir
you are going to do: -ur
you all are going to do: -uor
we are going to: -ier
they(singular) are going to do: -er
they(plural) are going to do: -eer

noun tense:
this is a special case, where it is specifically referring to the verb as a noun, for instance, guidance, would be the noun created from the verb 'to guide' this is constructed by dropping all the verb endings.

construction of sentence's verb agreements:

[object noun][subject noun][verb]
so for example,
you I thank
instead of thank you

place names end in ii or R, this is used to indicate that it is a location. these can be added to a noun to indicate the noun in question is a location

Injection Words, these are simple starting words that add certain meanings to a sentence. It is assumed that the rest of the sentence relates to the injection word, many but not all of them are questions:

Qie: how
Qit: why
Quo: who
Qui: what
Qas: where
Qin: when
Qot: Permission
Yui: Command

verb Dictionary thus far:

to be (passive state, like, to be human): kiini
to be (active state, like, to be walking): Jiini
to come: Kesini
to part: Shini
to thank: mathini
to cook: korioini
to eat: bhachini
to make fire: Kezdini
to wash: Maliishin
to mark: Valini
to write: Valmini
to give: Kiimini
to take: Scrydini
to love as a significant other: Chintakini
To love as a family member: Chastakini
to love as a clanmate: Kaskini
to come: Kiiwini
to go: Scryini
to own: Yukoini
to show: Wewirin
to dream: Cychini
to live: Amanchini
to die: Awyrini
to dance: Sabadini
to freeze: Ixini
to heat: Hathini
to commune on important matters: lassini
to meet and talk: Meinini
to grow herbs and spices: Truzini
to reach: mahonini
to command: Zijini
to ask: Bhahoini
to pray: cuigini
to guide: Aigaini
to listen: Amraini
to lead: Shanraini
to bless: Egilini
to tilt ones head to ask a question: Hemilini
To nod ones head in agreement: Ackidini

noun dictionary thus far:

dawn: dyma
day: diia
midday: Habh
dusk: Adha
night: noca
now: Imanji
brightness/sunshine/light and goodness in the day or night: shei
human/person: awi
man: pawi
women: mawi
mother: mati
father: pati
grandmother: matata
grandfather: patota
great grandmother: mataii
great grandfather: patoii
elder mother: Matar
elder father: Pator
ancestor: Aidan
bread: briea
countertop: Koriowyn
stone: Wyn
soil: Tarra
Fire: Kezen
Water: Fosil
wind: Azad
Spirit of Stone: Wynadair
Spirit of soil: Tarraadair
Spirit of fire: Kezenadair
Spirit of water: Fosiladair
spirit of snow: iiraadair
Tree: Edra
plant: Edeen
River: Mali
ocean: Sorad
island: Hebria
snow: Iira
the ice that covers the ground, a glacier, or ice sheet at sea: Iirawyn
A frost that steals the breath: Ieze
Winter, or death wind: Azadawyr
the ice that forms on cliffs near the sea: Xiorad
the snow that devours: iirabhach
spirit: Espra
dark spirit: taibh
soul: Volu
soul mark: voluval
skin: Jesim
tattoo: Jesival
family: Gai
a family matter: Askion
Clan: Moni
a clan matter: Hirion
clanmate: Mhonae
Tribe: Yrail
a tribe matter: Maemion
one's place within a clan: Eieghr
shaman: Siika
elder: Ebhii
meeting place: Meinii
clan/tribal tribunal: Ebhameii
Standing Stones/ meeting place/ spiritual gathering site: Meinii Hirion
warrior: Hromi
knife: Teraa
hunter: Suain
leatherworker: Surion
mother (profession): Mataomi
home: Kenkii
building: Kenk
bridge: Malan
Gate: ako
winter: Iiraji
summer: kezenji
spring: kezdji
autumn: scrydji
lover: Chintaku
generic 'thing' or object pronoun: Bhan
generic 'place' location pronoun: Locul
all things/everything: Unadin
life: Amanch
death: Awyr
star: Aman
stargate: amanako
the wheel of life: Maji
a turn of the wheel of life/the wheel turns: Awyrji
the way: Yimir
Against the way: Nidhoggr
a good ending that is still sad: Saiha
the formless void/space: Ginnun
mouth: gagap
world: heim
new eden: Amanheim

to pluralize a noun, you add 'd to the end of a word. so stars would be aman'd

the: k'-noun


numbers are base ten. In order to tell the base, you use a base word, followed by the numbers. The base word indicates which place value to start with.

ones place: hod
tens place: Hezd
hundreds place: Haen
thousands place: Nory
ten thousands place: Nezry
hundred thousands place: Naery

one: yun
two: din
three: shin
four: kat
five: rash
six: neek
seven: maan
eight: shaad
nine: kaed
zero: nayn

in english the number 1,230 looks like this:
one thousand, two hundred, thirty

in sebiestor it looks like this
Nory yun din shin

adjective dictionary thus far:

good: kiid
bad: saad
yes: kai
no: nen
clean: Iisha
dirty: Saadan
more: Kiimin
less: Skak
some: dubhn
happy: kiija
sad: saaon
cold: Jid
cold skin/goosebumps: Juna
deep bone chill: Juoma
warm: Hatha
more then/more of prior: 'ar
lonely: Tolad
very: Fina
a lot: Afaich
a little: Saklaich
to/then/following/etc: Anh
sa: and/ in addition to/ as well/also
with: Skala


there is one pronoun, the root pronoun, it is gender neutral.

others/they/neutral: Kes
self/I/me/etc: Ima
you/person being spoken to/etc: korra

you can use it independently, or you can attach to the end of it, any combination of nouns and adjectives, connected by a ' for each link, allowing a pronoun to be either very simple or very complex. Oftentimes it will grow in complexity with the accomplishments of the person being described by it.

Unlike english where possession indicates ownership, in NRS, it simply indicates relationships between objects.
this is shown by the 'ta' which when standing alone means, 'of' so instead of saying 'my mother' it would be 'mother of I' or in NRS, 'Mati ta ima'

ta: of
na: for

its still very much a work in progress, and ideas are welcome. As we come up with things, I'll update this post to add the new information.

I'm making a language 2u7brti

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Astrid Stjerna

Astrid Stjerna

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I'm making a language Empty
PostSubject: Re: I'm making a language   I'm making a language Icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2012 3:14 pm

I actually had a non-EvE idea a little while ago, but it would work wonderfully for the Tribes.

Essentially, the idea is for a pictographic written language (kind of like tattoos or heiroglyphs), but with the added 'twist' that verb tenses, gender references, etc all vary based on the individual glyph's position in a sentence.

For example, the pictograph that indicates the speaker's gender could apply to either gender, depending on where in the sentence it was located. So, '(He's going) to the store' could be turned into '(She's coming from) the store'.

As for the spoken language -- looks good! I'll see if I can come up with some metaphor and idiom to make it a more 'organic' language, though that'll take a while (I'll need to read a lot of Matari Chronicles and lore to find things that would work) Smile
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I'm making a language
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