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 TMSSS (Teraa Matar Ship Shop Service)

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PostSubject: TMSSS (Teraa Matar Ship Shop Service)   TMSSS (Teraa Matar Ship Shop Service) Icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2012 1:45 am

Teraa Matar Ship Shop Service is now LIVE!

Below you can see the ships that we are currently providing, shop is updated on a weekly basis with new ships, depending on our funds, and the demand for it, we might expand to other race-specific classes.

Each ship comes with the following type of ammo:
Repulic Fleet EMP
Republic Fleet Fusion
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma

the amount of ammunition will be enough to fully load all your guns twice of each kind.

Armor style Hurricane-class battlecuiser:

Shield style Hurricane-class battlecuiser:

Armor style Rupture-class cruiser:

Shield style Rupture-class cruiser:

Shield style Thrasher-class Destroyer:

To find what ships are currently for sale, simply search for "Issuer" Buppas in contracts!
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TMSSS (Teraa Matar Ship Shop Service)
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