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Kikia Truzhari
Kikia Truzhari

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This information is OOC. Just as a heads up. If you want to find this out ICly, then RP with me.

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Character Information
Name: Kikia Truzhari
Nationality: Minmatar
Race: Sebiestor
Date of Birth: YC90.03.26
Age: 24
Blood Type: O-
Height: 160cm (5'3")
Weight: 50.5kg (110 lbs)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Gold
Place of Birth: New Hueromont, Gallente Prime
Parents: Msani Truzhari, Stird Truzhari
Siblings: Damien Truzhari
Notable features: Dreadlocks, Spiral Road Voluval above her right eye, Sebiestor Tribe facial tattoos.

Character History
Kikia was born Malaki Truzhari to matari imigrants Msani and Stird Truzhari in New Hueromont, on Gallente Prime. When she was two, her father took a well paying job as a defense contractor in a Gallentean corporation, affording them a decent, upper middle class, standard of living. Kikia was cultured almost exclusively Gallente. She didn't even learn she was matari at all until she was 13. Her parents did their best to erase their heritage and act like good citizens to the Federation.

Despite showing early symptoms of Generalized Gender Dysphoria, she was raised male, her parents refusing to seek treatment for her condition, seeing it as part of her Matari-ness trying to slip out. When She was 15, she attempted to come out to them, which was the beginning of a major rift between her and her parents. When She was 16, she graduated from the Gallentean Standardized Pre-specialization School, and enrolled at the University of Caille. It was there she started meeting and interacting with other Matari students, including exchange students from the Republic.

Kikia quickly was absorbed into the matari crowd. She grew her hair out and dreadlocked it, and at the encouragement of her friends, started the process towards transitioning to female.

Kikia grew more and more distant from her parents as her transition, and her 'matarification' continued. Her mother in particular, started seeing Kikia as an enemy almost, and in her third year of college, when she was 20, got into a screaming match with her parents, and her mother threw a pan at her. That was the last time she spoke to either of her parents.

Her third year in college was an eventful one all around. It was the year she managed to save up enough money, through various grants, and aid packages, to afford to start the process of having her mind transferred into a female body. This process involved a large number of genetic tests, and it was during this process that it was discovered she had the genes for capsuleer compatibility.

This changed everything. Kikia was quickly duel-enrolled in the capsuleer training academy. She finished out her primary college work, graduating at the end of her fourth year with a Major in Applied Mechanical Engineering. At that point the Republic University made her an offer: come home to the republic, and finish your capsuleer training there. Kikia, who had been becoming more and more enamored of matari culture, and more and more disillusioned with Gallentean culture, didn't even wait for them to finish explaining it to accept.

Kikia spent two years at the Republic University's capsuleer training grounds in Hulm. She graduated with a pilots license two years later, In June of YC113, as Kikia Truzhari.

Since graduating, Kikia has quickly fallen into the role of a supporter of the republic, and has sought and received employment through Gradient, a republic loyalist corporation in the Electus Matari alliance. At the start of July, she was formally accepted by the Sebiestor Tribal Council as a member of the tribe, and near the end of that month, received her voluval, marking her as an adult member of the tribe. In the beginning of August, Kikia withdrew from Electus Matari to help her girlfriend Kalaratiri and her friend Avlynka Surionen start the militia corporation Teraa Matar. In the middle of that month, Avlynka took Kikia on as an apprentice and her clan took her in as a member.
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Kikia Truzhari
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